Raspberry Blood

By Ariel Ashira

Wrapped in fog high upon a jagged hill,

The Kingdom of Pen apeared cold and stone still,

Cloaked in foreboding that chilled its strong walls,

As its last few defenders gazed down from the walls.

An eager, determined light shone in their eyes,

As they sought out a plan and set out their spies,

To regain their Kingdom, now deserted by most,

Who apparently prefered to sit by embers and roast. Read More »

Til We’re Old and Gray

By Kaya Young (@kaya-young)

Hear ye, Hear ye! Let the passionate cry resound!  “Til WE’RE OLD AND GRAY”

Thus cried the kingdom, thus shouted it’s subjects. At least, all the subjects that were left.

T’was long ago child, that the Kingdom of the Pen was abandoned. Oh, what a terrible day! What? You want to know what happened?

Well the founder of the mighty Kingdom was the first to go, then the king followed. Then the once loyal citizens followed one by one to someplace with a less dignified name, a new town named “Story Embers” or something. What a horrible week that was! The kingdom has fallen!

Alas, all that was left were a few young women, devoted to keeping the kingdom alive. They gathered about and waited out the cold spring by hanging out in a abandoned tea shop called “Writers’ Corner” and knitted shawls for each other. Unfortunately, the spring lasted much longer than expected, and with the passing years their tea grew cold, their laptops died and they themselves grew old and gray.

And then, each on the brink of death, they held on a little longer, then their last words were whispered. “Yes, We stuck the kingdom, till we were old and gray.”

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Truly Lost Our Minds, Part 5

A Kingdom Pen Adventure: Truly Lost our Minds


The File Writer of Base13x (@filewriterbase13x)

Part Five: King Who?

I ran with the dog, who said her name was Skredder, and the purple giraffe, Kaya, at my side. B-bot and Catwing flew above us. I was of course not sure of where we were going, but the dog seemed to have an excellent sense of direction. Skredder led us into the castle, which was full of all kinds of creatures. I didn’t know so many lived in the Kingdom of Pen, but then again, I didn’t know much of anything about the Kingdom of Pen at the moment.

Suddenly, I was surprised to see someone I actually recognized. It was Liv, a good friend of mine. Only here she looked a little different. For one, her hair was longer. Much longer. It reached down to the ground and kept going. She was also dressed in green instead of her usual blue. Read More »

Truly Lost Our Minds, Part 4

A Kingdom Pen Adventure: Truly Lost our Minds


The File Writer of Base13x (@filewriterbase13x)

Part Four: The Losing of Minds

“How? How could I have lost it? It must have been during or after the storm. The storm. Why did I remember that but not who my neighbors were?

I was walking through a forest that I didn’t remember the name of, thinking of all the things I was unable to think about. Suddenly I felt something light fall on my head. Read More »

Truly Lost Our Minds, Part 3


A Kingdom Pen Adventure: Truly Lost our Minds


The File Writer of Base13x (@filewriterbase13x)

Part three: After the Storm

I opened my eyes eyes slowly, groaning as I sat up. Confused, I realized that I was on the floor. I rubbed the soreness off of my cheek. I noticed golden sun rays shining through the little gaps of the window shutters. I jumped up immediately, as I remembered what had happened the night before. I ran to the window and opened up the shutters.

I let out the breath I had been holding with a sigh of relief, when I saw that beautiful raspberry sun I knew and loved. Yet… something was still missing. Read More »

A Catwing Christmas, Part 7

Unfortunately my character has stolen my next part. Thanks Kay.

Part Seven

In Deep Waters (Hello, reader people :P)

By Catwing (@catwing)

/I could’ve done better./ I stared at the old bearded man lying motionless on the ground. His friends watched where the Catwing and narrator had vanished. /The doctor was a nice touch. But this death is too dull and failable./ A bi-pedal dog with a cat tail looked at me. Her wet nose was sniffing twice a second.

“Who are you? Why do you smell like you fell in a dumpster?” She continued sniffing, her nose dripped from sniffing so hard. A growl rumbled up to her throat from her chest. Read More »

Truly Lost Our Minds, Part 2

A Kingdom Pen Adventure: Truly Lost our Minds


The File Writer of Base13x (@filewriterbase13x)

Part two: Of Kings and of Turtles

When I saw what had knocked me down I laughed. The beast knocked me down again, playfully. It was Ezi. My pet Griffin.

“Okay, okay. I missed you too. Now. Get. Off. Me.” I laughed. He was too heavy to still be jumping all over me. I often wondered when I would be able to ride on him. I hoped it would be soon.

“Ezi!” rang out a familiar voice. “What did I tell you about running off and-” Read More »

Truly Lost Our Minds, Part 1

A Kingdom Pen Adventure: Truly Lost our Minds


The File Writer of Base 13x (@filewriterbase13x)

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Part 1: A Place for Inspiration

The thunder crashed through the sky, followed by a flash of light. Rain. I usually loved the rain, but not today. I had a grudge against rain today. Just as I had yesterday and the day before and the day before that.

“Ugh.” I complained, even though there was no one to listen. “Rain. Rain, Go away. Come again… Never!” I fell backwards on my bed.

Okay, maybe I was being a little dramatic, but this was one rain storm that wouldn’t go away.Read More »